"Deep". The story.

"Dj George Llanos teamed Arthur Crank, Jr with myself to make the song 'Deep'. George wrote the hook, Arty played keys, programmed the drums and I made the bass line, additional keys, wrote the verses and sung lead vocals. George was unable to produce the track at that time. I then invited Arty to finish 'Deep' with myself and Eric Roach. Since we made the track together it was a easy job to recreate. The drums where saved on Arty’s Drum machine and we where the only musicians to play on the track. I was well known on the club scene so it was easy to pass the track on to djs to play on DAT tape. My first handoff was to DJ Camacho and DJ Glen 'Paradise' Pickney. As music goes I went on to produce more tracks that got published but this one never did.

By pure chance Arty and I had met once before. His now fiance lived above my girlfriends apartment. We actual had passed each other in the same apartment but never spoke. When we met to record 'Deep' on the other side of town, we could not figure out where we had met before. When we did we instantly became friends.”

- Fantasy